Margriet van Weenen (1983) The Netherlands. Studied BA Visual Arts Academie Minerva and MFA Advanced Painting at the Frank Mohr institute lives and works in Groningen.

She works in various media, such as photography, painting, collage and sculpture. Within a theme she researches objects and photographs, on their history, context or appearance. The art projects of van Weenen mainly result in an installation, the work find its origins in the (natural)history museum or photo archives.  She takes the existing image to here studio and from there the intense process of making starts.  She searches, collects, photographs, copies, cuts, paints, prints, sculpt. During her process, the context of an installation freezes the moment of process and search, afterwards the process continuous.

An important theme in here work is the duality between materialisation and the metaphysical. The construction and deconstruction of our society and the preservation of our history. The tension between temporality and the urge to conserve. Here installations have a strong resemblance with historical museum presentations, where objects are shown from there function and context.

Lately here interest shifts more to nature and landscape. Her latest installation was a commissioned research for a Dutch archive, resulting in the exhibition: Unfixing histories, the landscape as a museum. The installation shows images of the idyllic landscape, archaeological spaces but also the dark history of what happened in this specific landscape. All images are equal and therefor democratic, there is no hierarchy because of certain topics or context, the visual experience is colourful and neutral, with an dark undertone.

She will present in 2019 a new installation, based on her  research project; Secret Mountain, an imaginary hike. Secret Mountain is a project based on vintage photographs found in various places. The collection displays images of nature, mountains, caves and landscapes, made during hikes, by unknown others in the past. The artist combines this collection with the portraits of mountains she makes herself during hikes.

The combination of images creates a documentation of an imaginary hike: a quest for the Secret Mountain. The journey can be experienced both digital and physical. The website secret-mountain.org will serve as a travel log which will be updated frequently with new images and documentation. The physical result will be shown in an installation. The journey will be shown through photography; vintage, analogue, digital and polaroid, but also sculpture, video, collages and paintings.

Biography Margriet van Weenen

Curriculum vitae Margriet van Weenen

1. Chemicalminedfields, a (re)construction of an ancient world 2013.

2. Neo Ltihos 2016

3. To nowhere, your ground, my ground, their ground 2016

4. The untiteld illustrated history project 206 -2017

5. On tilted ground A still life with broken moments 2016

6.Voodoo on history 2017

7. Unfxing Histories | The landscape as a museum Margriet van Weenen 2018

8. Secret Mountain An imaginary hike Supermarket Art Fair Stockholm 

9. Website Secret Mountain | An imaginary hike 








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